Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Defined in the Urban Dictionary as a word, or sound, surfers make when excited, YEW! is a Southern California-based lifestyle platform (YEWonline.com) / brand (YEWstore.com) that operates under the mantra: “We Get YEW STOKED!”

Poised to take over the world,  YEW! produces a steady stream of multimedia content — PODCASTS / ARTICLES / PHOTOS / VIDEOS — around Action Sports, Music, Craft Beer, Weed, + Mexican Food.

Founded by media veterans Chris Cantore (91X, San Diego Union Tribune, NBC-SD) and Chris Coté (TransWorld SURF, Encinitas magazine,) YEW! is the newest voice of Southern California culture.

YEW! contributors — called the “YEW!Crew” — are experts in their designated verticals because they live the lifestyle.  Authenticity is everything.

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