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HEY YEW! Drink This Now: Alesmith Sublime Mexican Lager

Do you love music? YEW! Do you love Sublime, subsequential Rockstars and Heros of Long Beach, CA? YEW! and you love beer…
Needless to say, my choice for HEY YEW! DRINK THIS NOW! is, respectfully, the Mexican Lager brewed collaboratively with Alesmith and Sublime — because nothing is more Californian than reggae-punk rock music x quality craft beer.
 Originally created to celebrate the anniversary of the band’s stellar album, “40oz. To Freedom,” this collaborative beer — brewed with the drunken rock gods of Sublime — is described as an easy drinking Vienna-Style Lager.
Initially, this beer was bottled in a limited amount of 40oz. Bottles but it’s NOW available in canned sixers! Perfect for your bum-ass to scoop up on your way down to the beach, or mountains, or living room couch while you binge watch Game of Thrones for the 5th time.
 As far as taste, this beer will come off a tad maltier for those expecting a Pacifico or Corona style lager. A subtle honey-like sweetness is followed by grainy notes and a clean finish. Carbonation is on point for slugging this brew back and at 5.2% ABV, this crafty beer is made for toting down to the beach campsite.
Cheers to good beers people!



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